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Does God Play Dice?

Lecture by Professor Stephen W. Hawking: This lecture is about whether we can predict the future, or whether it is arbitrary and random. In ancient times, the world must have seemed pretty arbitrary. Disasters such as floods or diseases must have seemed to happen without warning, or apparent reason. [...]

Is there a complete unified theory?

[...] if you believe that the universe is not arbitrary, but is governed by definite laws, you ultimately have to combine the partial theories into a complete unified theory that will describe everything in the universe. But there is a fundamental paradox in the search for such a complete unified theory. [...]

If the Universe Were a Computer

Information theory says that every physical system, from a glass of water to a microchip, holds 1s and 0s in the states of its component particles. Changes in those states could be called “computation,” just as your desktop machine computes by changing the information in its memory. In the 10 June [...]

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